Amber road: from raw material to unique, quality jewellery.

Our amber story begins in Lithuania, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Here, amber gatherers comb the beaches after storms, hoping to find the “Baltic gold” as amber is usually called in the region. This work requires patience, focus, and stamina as the weather conditions after storms can be ruthless. Rain or blue skies, winter or summer, amber gatherers work at the seashore, looking for perfect pieces. Amber differs in colours, shades, and shapes, and every piece is unique, offering its extraordinary qualities to those who appreciate it.

All our products are made by hand and with much care and love: our experienced craftsmen and women have a strong and special connection with each piece of amber, and they use the most advanced processing equipment.

From nature to a necklace, there is a long path that we have to take and the greatest blessing for us is your happiness and satisfaction with our products