About Chakras

The main purpose we are trying to reach in our lives is – to get to know YOURSELFE. To feel Slanderous LOVE for Real Yourself and all surrounding You. This is very attractive and interesting journey throw joy and sorrow, discovery and loss. Everyboy know or feel our body is not just physical we have think body and these two parts of us works in harmony, only then we have perfect emotional and physical healt. All we are fill up of cosmic energy and within our body we have seven major energy centers – called CHAKRA. The yogis have used the chakra system for thousands years as a part of body and emotional healing. From the ancient times been known body will not be completely health if chakra system will not be balanced. Sewen Whales gives You the opportunity to discover your individual energy function disorder of chakra and balance it with Semistone jewerly. All jewerly was adapted and selected from the holy books of Hindu and can be choosen by on the seven chakras.

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